Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Birth of a Dramatist

So my son, who just started high school, says to me, "Look what I picked up at the library today." and shows me a copy of "Death of a Salesman"
I said, "Cool. How do you like it?"
He said, "It's pretty good."
So cool, maybe he'll get interested in the "classics".

Monday, August 15, 2005

It wasn't the drugs...

So I'm at work and I'm using the facilities in a stall and I hear two guys come in talking about funny comedians. "Martin Short, Dan Akroyd, and John Candy." I couldn't think what movie had those three in it but they started going on about John Candy and his genius. "Did you ever see Canadian Bacon?" Say what? That's the great John Candy movie? Not "Uncle Buck" "The Great Outdoors" or "Planes, Trains, and Automobiles"??
Then they shifted to rock and roll. "How is it that John Lennon and Stevie Ray Vaughn are no longer with us but (so and so, I couldn't catch who) can do two tons of coke and still be kicking?" "Yeah, like Keith Richards."
I so wanted to holler from my stall, "Well, maybe if the one wasn't shot and the other one killed in a plane crash, maybe they would be."
But they left before I could.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Long term plans

So I've been a little behind on my blogging... I'll try to keep up.

I was at my daughter's preschool/daycare (she's 4) and there's a list on a wall with the children's names and what they want to be when they grow up.
All the other kids had the standard astronaut/policeman/firefighter/etc answers.
My daughter Katrina was the last person on the list and by her name reads, "I don't want to be anybody, I just want to be Katrina."

I'm not sure to think if that means she doesn't have any ambitions or what but I like to think that she's thinking on a different level than the rest of them. I take it that she sees herself as an individual and not someone you can just fit into a mold. She will be what she makes of herself.

Anyway, just thought I'd share.

Saturday, July 02, 2005


I've been away from the Blogverse for a while but I'm back! I'll try to keep up more often.
Did ya miss me?

Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Besides, I thought he passed away recently...

Irony Alert!
Just saw a PSA with Johnny Cochran, well just the last bit of it.
You can't see his face and the voice over says "It doesn't matter who your lawyer is..."
Then the words on the screen say "Gun crime buys hard time."
So, I guess word to the wise is to use a sharp knife.

Monday, May 30, 2005

Dunno where he gets it

So Sunday we had my in-laws over which included her sister-in-law and kids.
So our step-nephew (?) is a Junior and he starts asking everyone where they went to school.
My son, who will be a freshman come fall, says he'll be going to West.
BOO! sayeth the cousin.
He asks where I went to school.
I say Linn-Mar.
You lived in Marion?
Linn-Mar... BOO!
Well where do you go to school?
I say in a tongue in cheek kinda way, "Oh yeah, I hear they're a bunch of snobs." (on account of how he's just booing everyone's school)
My son, without missing a beat, matter of factly says, "Yeah, and their dress code is one wooden tooth."
I laughed until I cried, several of us did. He said it so straight that it was five minutes before his cousin caught on. In fact, I still chuckle when I think of it.

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Matt's Questions

I am taking part in an interview meme that I came across while reading Dweeze's and subsequently Matt's blog. The blogger gets questions from someone else, posts the answers on his blog, and then opens it up to others to ask for questions. (The rules are posted at the bottom of the post.)

These are the questions from Matt:

1) How have you changed in the last, oh say ten years?
Well, I’m noticing some gray hairs creeping in near the temples and scattered around what’s left on top. I’m a little heavier now but not any taller. I was diagnosed with Diabetes last year. I guess that’s all physical stuff though.

I think I’ve taken steps to grow and expand myself (yes, I really have stopped talking physically). I’ve really grown emotionally and have I’ve learned a lot from my family. Trying to be good parents and maintain a successful relationship are not always easy things to do but always the most worthwhile. I’ve learned a lot from work and become more confident in myself and more willing to try new things. Toastmasters was a big help to me, both getting in front of the public and in my professional life. This led to stand-up comedy which I’ve always been fascinated by, which led to acting and improvisational comedy. My professional life has certainly been a challenge and I’ve learned a lot and has taught me a lot about responsibility, decision making and leadership.

I think the combination of confidence and maturity has ironically allowed me to take the chances on my more creative and extracurricular side. I continue to explore that creative side too. I’m always working on my sense of humor and joke telling. I’ve always loved to entertain and make people laugh. I like to perform and am constantly trying to work outside my comfort zone.

So I think I’ve changed for the better. Have I made mistakes? Certainly, but that’s part of what makes us, “us”. I just try to learn from them and become better from them.

2) If you could live anywhere in the world, where you would live and why?
Read #3’s answer first.
At first I thought I’d just like to stay in a pretty nice house in the area, since so much or our family are around. I also really like Phoenix when I was there as a kid and got the opportunity to go back on a business trip a couple years ago.
I’d to visit Australia and Ireland someday. From what my step-dad says of Australia, it sounds like a great place to live. But of course, I’d have to give up seeing all my friends and family.
So, assuming I could transplant everyone I wanted to be around, I’d say somewhere in Arizona.

3) What was the best vacation you've ever had?

When I was growing up we’d take a family vacation every summer for about 2 or 3 weeks. We never flew, just drove. We had family on both sides of the county so we went as far west as Phoenix and as far east as New York City and Cape Cod. Loved DC and South Dakota.

In particular, I really liked the climate and culture of Arizona. The architecture and American Indian heritage is really interesting to me. Plus it’s that “dry” heat we Iowans envy.

I think my favorite vacation though was visiting my aunt and uncle in Scottsdale, AZ. That was the strangest, quirkiest yet oddly satisfying vacations I’ve had. I was a junior in high school and got to fly there by myself. The adventures or “misadventures” that happened there won me a Humorous Speech contest in Toastmasters. It’s really too much to go into here. One thing though was that we had a mini-vacation within a vacation and went to Disneyland in CA, so that was a blast.

4) What is your dream job and why?
Wow. It’s funny because what I do for a living so removed from what I’d really like to be doing. I love stand-up, improve and acting so I’d like to involve that in some way.
If I were to win the million bucks, I think it’d be cool to run my own club/theatre where you could have a bar area, plus a couple stages. A main stage for full productions and a second stage for bands and comedy. The spaces would be designed and conducive for those events. I’d really like to provide a venue for that kind of thing and think the Iowa City/North Liberty area could really use something like that. I’d love to be involved with the different productions too and hopefully perform them. Hey, I could have poker nights too!

Being a movie actor or a professional poker player would be cool too.

5) And to steal a question from Dweeze, what would you like your kids to know about you? (Not necessarily right now, but when they are older.)
Hmmm. Interesting question. I don’t really keep any secrets from them so I can't think of things I haven't shared with them (well at least my oldest since my other is 3). I had my first child at a relatively early age. Maybe that I don’t have all the answers but I’ve always loved them and have tried to do my best to guide and raise them. Maybe that I wasn’t always the confident and mature individual that I am today and have worked to get where I am. Probably some of the things I did right and some of the mistakes I've made so they can learn from them too and understand me better.

And now the rules for those of you interested in being interviewed:
1. Leave me a comment saying, "Interview me."

2. I will respond by asking you five questions of my choosing.

3. You will update your blog with the answers to the questions. If you don't have a blog, you can post your responses in my comments section.

4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post, following the same rules.
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